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The new member cookout held at John Marshall's place earlier this month was another success. I'll see if I can figure out how to get some photos on this site! I hope we can have even more people next year.

I want to announce that beginning in NOV we will be changing our meeting location. The new place will be the Panera Bread located at 306 South Sharon Amity Rd. This is in the Cotswold Shopping Center at the NW corner of Randolph and Sharon Amity roads. Parking had become an issue at the Fairview Panera Bread and this one just opened a few months ago. Parking will not be an issue here.

Every year the USO at Charlotte-Douglas airport is the debarkation point for the troops from FT Jackson going on their Christmas leave. They need a lot more goodies for the enormous number of troops that go through that one day. Contact me if you are interested in contributing something. Since I work for US Airways and have access, it is easier for me to get the goodies through TSA and I will be happy to take yours out with mine. I am working on getting information on what the date will be this year so stand by.

Another event that will be upon us before we realize is the annual Navy League Youth Medal awards for the Navy/Marine JROTC units we support in the Charlotte area. These awards happen in April and May every year and since we currently do 15 of them, I am always looking for volunteers to help out. We'll put out more information after the first of the year.

John Alger
Council President

Welcome 2013 New Members

Tish & Jose Sanchez - Harrisburg
Olga Cortez - Charlotte
C. Morgan Edwards - Charlotte
Barbara Manning - Pineville
David Farsaci - Ridgeland SC
Mark Miller - Charlotte
Scott Mullen - Ridgeland SC
Frank Shackleford - Charlotte
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